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I’m Ramatu, a certified Life Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), and experienced practitioner of various healing modalities. If you’re struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, or relationship challenges, I have a powerful solution that can help you thrive.
Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is at the core of my practice. It’s an incredibly effective approach that goes beyond traditional therapy methods. With RTT, we dive deep into your subconscious mind to uncover the root causes of your challenges and transform them at their core. By connecting with your true self, we can release outdated emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that are holding you back. Imagine a life where you can be the person you want to be in every aspect of your life—whether it’s with family, friends, at work, or when you’re alone. RTT taps into your subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious mind using a combination of specialized techniques. This unique and intuitive approach allows us to unlock your full potential and create powerful shifts in your energy.
My passion for this work stems from my background as a nurse, midwife educator and my extensive experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, communities, and countries. I deeply understand the daily challenges many people face, and I’m committed to helping you overcome them. I was trained in RTT by Marissa Peer When you work with me, you’ll experience a safe and supportive environment where we can address your concerns with compassion and kindness. Through dialogue and therapeutic processes, we’ll identify the root causes of your issues and transform negative beliefs and behaviours that hinder your peace of mind and fulfilment in life. I invite you to take the first step towards reclaiming the life you truly desire. 
Contact me at firdyhealth@gmail.com with any questions or to schedule a session. Together, we can unlock your potential and create positive, lasting change using the transformative power of RTT.

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